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Inflatable decontamination tent

Inflatable decontamination tent
The mobile decontamination chain offered by RCY consists of making two paths inside a shelter. Each one is composed of an undressing zone, a shower area and a re-dressing zone.

It’s composed of a single fabric covering and inflatable arches that make the roof, floor mat and walls sturdy. Aluminium bracing (sleeved aluminium tubes) placed between the inflatable arches reinforce the structure.

The general shape of the tent is in the form of segments of a semicircle.
The base is rectangular. This tent model provides, through its shape, more effective volume and better use of floor space.

The inflatable arches are independent and mechanically connected to the canvas. They consist of a casing and an air chamber, also called a bladder. The floor mat and cover cloth are assembled by high frequency electric welding.

Covering an area of ​​45 m², the decontamination chain is quick to set-up (5 minutes for 4 people).
It’s available in beige, white and yellow (other colours on request).

It consists of about ten pieces of equipment (removable and disposable double shower stall, 8,000 litre tank to supply the shower, removable partitions, lighting, two electrical boxes, heating with two outputs, etc.)

Others tents with inflatable arches


RCY can custom make your inflatable tent, both in area and height, according to the same design as the tents with aluminium bracing and 100% inflatables.


RCY offers a range of accessories to accompany you throughout the set-up of its inflatable tents, from their implementation until they’re stored.


With a fully inflatable frame, this model is very quick and easy to set-up and offers more usable volume.