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Peristaltic Pump

A peristaltic pump’s pumping is achieved by compressing an elastomer tube with rollers fixed on the pump’s rotor. The rotational movement of the rollers pulls the liquid along to the pump discharge.

Peristaltic pumps are equipped with 2-inch cam lock entry and discharge fittings. They are available with a diesel combustion engine or an electric engine. Maintenance is relatively simple and quick because only the tube is in contact with the pumped product.

Others skimmers or accessories

Weir skimmer

These skimmers have a floating weir at the point of contact between the oil and water, and only recover the oil film

Disc – Brush skimmer

Disc skimmers collect oil thanks to its rows of PP discs. It is ideal for medium and low viscosity oil

Vacuum head

The suction head makes it possible to recover thin films of pollution in relatively calm conditions where there is little or no debris