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A weir oil skimmer

These skimmers have a floating weir placed at the point of contact between the oil and water. They are designed so that the oil film passes over this weir and empties into the skimmer’s funnel. The position of the weir is adjustable (self-adjusting on request) so as to collect as much oil and as little water as possible.

A hydraulic submersible pump is installed under the funnel to transfer the oil. It’s servicing and maintenance are reduced.

The weir skimmer effectively removes thin or thick layers of oil or pollutants. Suitable for permanent installation or quick deployment, it’s lightweight, easy to transport and can be implemented by a single operator.

Others skimmers or accessories for hydrocarbons

Disc – Brush skimmer

Disc skimmers collect oil thanks to its rows of PP discs. It is ideal for medium and low viscosity oil

Vacuum head

The suction head makes it possible to recover thin films of pollution in relatively calm conditions where there is little or no debris


The Powerpack is a compact hydraulic power unit, coupled with a transfer pump. It’s available in diesel or petrol.