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The RCY team at your service

Studies, manufacture and installation: We accompany you from A to Z on all your projects.

Discover our professions

RCY offers tailor-made technical fabric solutions for the protection of people and the environment.

Oil spill booms

Permanent or temporary floating booms make it possible to fight floating pollution and protect coastlines, rivers and harbours

Flood barriers

RCY designs light flood barriers that are quick to set-up and adapt to the different sites, buildings and homes to be protected

Flexible tanks

Flexible tanks are an easy, quick and affordable solution for storing all types of liquids: rain water, chemicals, etc

Inflatable tents

For applications requiring fast assembly, RCY offers a range of high quality inflatable tents

Transport tarpaulin

With the help of Carriers, BHD’s research and expertise have made it possible to patent safety and protection technologies

Industry solutions

The industry has specific needs that require customised solutions. RCY implements all necessary means to meet them.