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“REYCAU” Oil spill boom

A oil spill boom for the Open sean

The REYCAU oil spill boom can be used, depending on the model, in:
• open sea,
• estuaries,
• open coastal waters,
• harbours.

It consists of two cylindrical, independent inflatable floats, extended by a smooth skirt ballasted along its entire length by a visible ballast chain. Tensile forces are absorbed by the ballast chain and a strap fitted under the optional float.

Thanks the division of the booms’ elements into compartments, as well as the low inflation pressure, the REYCAU is highly flexible allowing it to follow the movements of the surface of the water and thus retain its equilibrium position. It also behaves well when faced with the current.

The REYCAU boom is a floating oil spill boom allowing you to perform several operations, depending on the model:
• Contain an oil slick
• Divert a slick
• Trawl at a speed of 3 knots (REYCAU 600 and REYCAU 800 models)
• Close a cleaning area

To set it up, you only need to inflate the floats and connect the other elements, if necessary. This floating boom is available with 1 towing system. It is stored on a reel once the floats have been properly deflated. The oil spill boom can be unrolled in less than 20 minutes.

This floating oil spill boom is highly resistant to tears and towing. It also offers high resistance to hydrocarbons, fats (oils, lubricants, etc.) and virtually all industrial chemicals.


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