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Flexible tanks for potable water

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Flexible tanks for potable water

The flexible tanks for storing potable water meet French health standards for drinking water. For France, our line of flexible tanks for potable water ranges from 0.5 to 120 m3.

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We manufacture our flexible tanks, therefore, we can provide you with standard as well as made-to-measure tanks. Our design office is available to study your project and find the best solution.

They are crafted from PVC coated technical fabrics complying with the ACS standard (ACS Attestation of Conformity), specially designed for the storage of potable water. They are assembled using high frequency welding, which gives them great strength.

You can choose from a large amount of equipment (valves, reinforced corners, overflow, filling elbow, inspection hatch, etc.) to equip your flexible tank; they are all pre-assembled at the factory by us to prevent leakage.

A simple, affordable solution requiring only simple preparation of the ground, our flexible tanks can be installed by you.


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Our flexible tanks

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Fire fighting flexible tank

Discover our three fire fighting flexible tanks systems approved by the fire brigade for fire control.
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Domestic rainwater tank

Low volume, easy to install flexible rainwater recovery tanks for domestic use.
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Large volume rainwater tank

Widely acclaimed in recent years, the flexible tanks for rainwater storage have become essential for all industrial or agricultural buildings.
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