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“Beach Boom”

Very quick to set-up, BEACH BOOM is used preventively.
It helps to:
• Ensure the cleanliness of bathing areas,
• Protect seawater pumping stations of industrial sites (manufacture according to the situation).

BEACH BOOM consists of standard sections that are 25 m in length. Each section is composed of closed cell flat foam blocks included in watertight envelopes and a chain protected by a hem serving as a ballast and ensuring the assembly’s mechanical resistance. The connections between the sections are quick and easy to use and require no tools.

BEACH BOOM is highly flexible, simplifying its implementation by allowing it to perfectly match the movements of the surface of the water.

Others booms with large skirts

Beach Boom

Quick to set-up, BEACH BOOM is used preventively and contributes, in particular, to ensuring the cleanliness of bathing areas.